How I work:

I believe that even the most captivating, memorable, eye-pleasing design entails thoughtful preparation and careful execution: great rapport with one’s client and a thorough understanding of the project are crucial, but so is a meticulous selection of materials. Regardless of the scope of the project, my attention to these fundamentals is always the same.

But my higher aspiration, and my great pleasure as a designer, is to achieve a happy marriage of lettering and language, color and form, image and idea. When that achievement fulfills my client’s desire to see an outcome that refreshes and vivifies their own efforts, then we accomplish something extraordinary together.

Who I am:

I was born and raised in the Chicago area, where I had the good fortune to be exposed to fabulous works of public art—sculpture by Picasso and Moore, mosaics by Chagall, architecture by Wright, Burnham, the Studio Gang and so much more. These works had a major impact on my career choice.

I followed my passion for art while at Harvard College, studying photography, color theory, and graphic design. My first job was as an “apprentice” at Little, Brown & Co., where I learned, from “the old masters,” the art of typography, working with hot metal and letterpress—and there my love of the craft was born. After three years, I became Senior Book Designer.

Now settled in the Boston area, I run my own design firm/advertising agency. My clients include independent and public schools, publishing houses, universities, restaurants, museums, financial institutions, hospitals, real estate developers, law firms, and government agencies. 


If you would like to collaborate on a project, please contact me. 

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